Motorcycle trip around the world without expensive shipping



Motorrad Weltreise ohne Verschiffen

Moin people, We had already clarified that you need the most expensive, newest and most unprofessional vehicle possible for the cool appearance in front of the ice cream parlor, which is currently on the market.
In contrast, quality and longevity are far more important for a trip around the world than the coolest assistance system. Anyone planning a trip around the world can usually drive on their own and does not need the help of a computer. Much more important is old proven technology, which has proven for decades that it works, otherwise you will simply lie in a third-world country at worst. Also, you do not have to waste so much time in an office for a cheap used vehicle to work for the installments and have more time to travel.
What help the coolest assistance systems or TFT displays when the boxes do not even drive reasonably? The warranty of a new vehicle expires after two years. To sell more, some companies nowadays make their products extra so they need to be replaced after the warranty expires. This explains for me the annually high number of new registrations of BMWs. Therefore prefer to put an old vehicle like the Honda Transalp, which has already proven itself millions of times and satisfies its owners over 30 years. Without unnecessary electronics you can repair old vehicles after an accident yourself in a third world country well. ,
There are supposed to be cracks who are able to solder themselves back into the Jungle any bus systems themselves. However, I would not believe such a thing and the local motorcycle repair shops on site of course not. So it really makes sense to rely on durable, reliable technology without much unnecessary bells and whistles when planning a trip to Africa or, for example, to Mongolia or the North Cape.
Motorrad Weltreise ohne Verschiffen

On the other hand, if you want to go to South America or to Australia then it makes no sense at all to buy the vehicle in Europe and then to ship around half the world for 1000 Euro. For the money you get on the ground already a complete motorcycle with the great advantage that you do not look like a local motorcycle money on legs and therefore not treated. Of course, there are also locally available for the local motorcycles of course all the spare parts and tires in the appropriate sizes, but for any exotics that are not there to buy, there are of course no spare parts and if you have an accident, which unfortunately happens quite often , nobody can help the thing to stand up again.
Also, you can see with a big motorcycle, where you can not turn off the headlights usually, as easy prey. The police already see from a distance: there is a new sun. The locals never drive with light during the day, only the rich, stupid tourists who are traveling with some weird new-fangled motorbikes and usually have so much luggage in the back that the headlights seem far too high that looks like a new one in the distance Sun rises. Since the police look forward to an easy quarter of an hour before on easy prey. It should not be that easy for them. Better to buy a small bike on site. With a European motorcycle is over from Turkey.
Motorrad Weltreise ohne Verschiffen

Entering Iran requires a carnet de passage, as a kind of customs document. For that I had to deposit for my 700 Euro motorcycle 3000 Euro deposit. This carries the great risk that if the vehicle is stolen or for any other reason does not come back to Germany, then this deposit is gone. That's why I preferred to fly directly to India. Of course you can travel to India with a Carnet de Passage through Iran and through Pakistan, but then you are in India with a big exotic motorbike in a country where you can usually rent motorcycles for four dollars a day. Stupid.
Clever people simply rent a motorbike in India, travel to Nepal and make a great trip through India. India is a huge country much bigger than Europe. Then you just give the bike back, get on the plane and fly on to Thailand. With your own motorcycle in India, you can not just go to Thailand, because you can not drive through Bangladesh and Burma as a foreigner. Traveling through China would require a 24 hour guide. For this guide you also need to rent a vehicle and a driver who drives this guide. Moreover, such a journey requires a lot of bureaucracy.
So all that remains is to fly the whole motorbike from India to Thailand, which of course is complete nonsense. In Thailand you can also rent small local motorcycles for 3 to 4 dollars a day. Then there are all parts if necessary on site. You can make a great trip through Thailand, then return the motorbike or drive to Laos or Cambodia or fly straight to Vietnam.
In Vietnam, you can buy complete motorcycles for $ 200 and travel with them to Laos and Cambodia, make a great trip and then just leave the bike at the airport or you can sell it to the nearest backpacker.
So it's utter nonsense to import any motorcycles to Asia. They are much cheaper locally. Australia, of course, is also known for preferring to rent or buy campers or vehicles on the spot, make great trips, and then simply resell the vehicle before, for example, flying on to South America. It's about making a world trip yourself and not about shipping motorcycles or vehicles around the globe.
If you follow all these tips, then the money is not enough for just one year on a world trip but for ten years, because the most expensive factor on a trip around the world is always the shipment and transport costs of vehicles, which are not necessary at all. Again in the abstract:
For Africa, a cheap motorcycle from Europe is perfect. You drive down to South Africa and on the other side back. Then you drive on to Mongolia. In Mongolia you sell or give away the motorcycle and fly on to India. In India rent a motorbike to Nepal drive back to India, then fly to Thailand rent a motorbike then to Vietnam Motorcycle Buy Laos Cambodia and then on to Australia. There again what to buy and sell. In the US, you also get extremely cheap vehicles just like in South America. So why people are still shipping so many vehicles around the world instead of simply taking the money and traveling on their own, I do not understand.
Hope I gave you one or the other tip. I wish you a great trip, but it does not matter what motorcycle. Whether you are on a German motorbike in Australia or a local motorcycle, that is something of banana. So in that sense, thank you for looking :-)

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